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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Target version Due date
760OctotaskBugClosedContext editor doesn't open from context list
1760OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based about dialogAlexander AbdulloevOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1759OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based help dialogAlexander AbdulloevOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
2419OctotaskRefactorClosedDraw background and dot images for TimePicker componentAndrey Vasilyev
8515Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedReview Pulse Detector paper for MAISDenis Laure20 Aug 2014
4476Smartphone ApplicationsInternalRejectedPrepare presentation for FRUCT 13 demo sectionDenis Laure10 Apr 2013
4475Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare presentation for Pulse Detector speech on FRUCT 13Denis Laure17 Apr 2013
4474Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedFix Pulse Detector paper according to reviewDenis Laure
4381Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedWrite russian Pulse Detector paperDenis Laure17 Mar 2013
4357Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedWrite Pulse Detector paper for FRUCT 13Denis Laure03 Mar 2013
4279Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare plan of the paper for FRUCT 13Denis Laure04 Feb 2013
4207Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedImplement algorithm improovements in application codeDenis Laure
4206Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPublish new versions of Pulse Detector into Ovi StoreDenis Laure
4205Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedImproove pulse detection algorithmDenis Laure
4182Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedImplement Pro version advertisement in Lite versionDenis Laure
4158Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedImplement FOREL clustering algorithmDenis Laure
4156Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedFind out reasons of algorithm bad work on new measurementsDenis Laure
4153Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedReplace expected value graph with heart rate graph in octave processdata scriptDenis Laure
4152Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedAdd application to check algorithm implementation in CDenis Laure
4151Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedRemove first zeros in measurment file namesDenis Laure
3826Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare presentation for FRUCT 12 talkDenis Laure03 Nov 2012
3791Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare overview of Pulse Detector and TicksInfo projects for fruct.orgDenis Laure
3686Smartphone ApplicationsBugRejectedApplication do not work on Nokia N8 and Nokia 500Denis Laure
3670Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare slides and description for FRUCT 12 demo presentationDenis Laure01 Nov 2012
3668Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedWrite an abstract for FRUCT 12Denis Laure24 Sep 2012
3608Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare overview and list of key words for publication into Nokia StoreDenis Laure
3494Smartphone ApplicationsRefactorRejectedAdd coments to codeDenis Laure
3493Smartphone ApplicationsRefactorRejectedRefactor third-party codeDenis Laure
3445Smartphone ApplicationsBugClosedPulse detection works only for the first measurment on each application startupDenis Laure
3440Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedCreate application iconDenis Laure
3437Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedImplement HowToPage showing first on application startupDenis Laure
3359Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedImplement application UIDenis Laure
3328Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedSketch application uiDenis Laure
3327Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedCalculate differences between max and min distances between peaksDenis Laure
3323Smartphone ApplicationsBugClosedVideo recording speed is not taken into account in pulse computation.Denis Laure
3294Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedCalculate the ratio of the number of correctly processed by algorithm files to the number of incorrectly processed filesDenis Laure
3293Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedFind out the reason of the algorithm giving bad values of pulseDenis Laure
3292Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedImplement octave function, that will display algorithmically and manually counted pulse for every file in set.Denis Laure
3291Smartphone ApplicationsRefactorClosedMove old measurments to "old" directoryDenis Laure
3289Smartphone ApplicationsInternalClosedPrepare sequences of measurments.Denis Laure
3287Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedImplement application prototypeDenis Laure22 Jun 2012
3262Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedRecord more test videosDenis Laure
3261Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedImplement pulse detection algorithm.Denis Laure
3251Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedFind out the way for peak countingDenis Laure14 Jun 2012
3196Smartphone ApplicationsBugClosedVisualize recieved test data.Denis Laure
3101Smartphone ApplicationsFeatureClosedDevelop application that turns on flash and takes pictures using cameraDenis Laure14 May 2012
2982OctotaskBugClosedIncomprehensible map behaviour in GeoActivatorEditorDenis Laure
2935OctotaskFeatureClosedConnect GeoAtivatorMediator with GeoActivatorEditorDenis Laure
2934OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement saving of selected contact into MessageAtivatorMediatorDenis LaureOctotask - 0.722 Apr 2012
2725OctotaskFeatureClosedDevelop activator related UI for context editor pageDenis LaureOctotask - 0.722 Mar 2012
2488OctotaskBugClosedLocal tasks have "LocallyChanged" statusDenis LaureOctotask - 0.519 Mar 2012
2300OctotaskRefactorClosedImplement style constants storage filesDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.426 Dec 2011
2285OctotaskRefactorClosedReplace all Text items with Label componentsDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.420 Dec 2011
2284OctotaskRefactorClosedExtract ToolBarButton into separate componentDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.420 Dec 2011
2064OctotaskRefactorClosedPass task id instead of model index to external system editorsDenis Laure
2032OctotaskFeatureClosedMake transition to Qt Quick Components 1.1 for Symbian Denis Laure
1889OctotaskFeatureRejectedImplement long-tap menu in list viewsDenis Laure
1881OctotaskInternalClosedMerge branchesDenis Laure24 Oct 2011
1878OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement default choosen context and project in taskEditor according to choosen filtration on main pageDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.1
1862OctotaskBugClosedThe first tab button is choosen, when mainwindow appearsDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1861OctotaskBugClosedThe "done" button in taskEditor is shown, even if the task is already doneDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.1
1854OctotaskRefactorClosedRemove unused C++ classesDenis Laure
1853OctotaskBugClosedName of the last Item in decorator model with added nullLine is not shownDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.1
1821OctotaskBugClosedImplement selected item highlighting in taskListDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1810OctotaskBugClosedUnable to bind QAbstractItemModel object to SelectionDialog model propertyDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1758OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based project modification/addition dialogDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1757OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based context modification/addition dialogDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1756OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based task modification/addition dialogDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.1
1755OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based project list dialogDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1754OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based context list dialogDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.230 Nov 2011
1716OctotaskFeatureClosedFind a way to use different Qt Components libraries depending on platformDenis Laure
1621OctotaskFeatureClosedconnect QML-based main window skeleton to C++ sourcesDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.1
1620OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement QML-based main window skeletonDenis LaureOctotask - 0.2.1
1593OctotaskBugClosedAdd support for external system task additionDenis Laure
1592OctotaskInternalClosedAdjust synchronization algorithm according to "Table of synchronization process"Denis Laure
1177OctotaskInternalClosedPost Octotask Screenshots to the WikiDenis Laure
1127OctotaskFeatureClosedIncrease height of combobox in MainWindowDenis LaureOctotask - 0.0.5
920OctotaskBugClosedComboboxes don't work on Maemo Denis Laure
3125Smartphone ApplicationsResearchClosedTest pulse-detector project on Harmattan.Ilya Paramonov
2981OctotaskBugClosedContacts are not shown in MessageActivatorEditor on Harmattan.Ilya ParamonovOctotask - 0.722 Apr 2012
2283OctotaskResearchClosedFind out how to show notifications to userIlya ParamonovOctotask - 0.2.421 Dec 2011
3314Smartphone ApplicationsBugClosedIcon for new incomming message looks terrible.Vladimir Mikryukov
3310Smartphone ApplicationsBugClosedNothing happens, when pressing "History" button on dialog page.Vladimir Mikryukov
3067OctotaskBugClosedContexts are sorted in different orders on the main screen and in the context list.Yury Krupin
3065OctotaskBugClosedActive contexts are ordered by priority, not by time of activation.Yury Krupin
2938OctotaskFeatureClosedConnect NetworkActivatorMediator with NetworkActivatorEditorYury KrupinOctotask - 0.722 Apr 2012
2937OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement network list passing to QMLYury KrupinOctotask - 0.722 Apr 2012
2936OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement NetworkAtivatorMediatorYury KrupinOctotask - 0.722 Apr 2012
1820OctotaskFeatureClosedImplement standalone comboBox QML componentYury Krupin

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