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  Alexey Kallistov 6 Collapse all/Expand all
25646 Feature New Normal Implement paginated get of the tags for MaxScale CI docker images Actions
25645 Bug New Normal MDBCI configure command fails if the password for the Docker registry contains '(' symbol Actions
25644 Feature In Progress Normal Install Docker on the system during the setup-dependencies command execution Actions
25643 Feature New Normal Set correct priviledges to the MariaDB configuration file as the last step of Chef recipie Actions
25625 Feature New Normal Command public_keys should only be trying to install keys onto the running VMs that can be get from network_config file Actions
24996 Bug In Progress Normal MDBCI does not generate a configuration if the product does not have a version Actions
  Andrey Vasilyev 9 Collapse all/Expand all
25558 Feature In Progress Normal Treat failed containers as correctly shut down ones Actions
25544 Feature New Normal Treat paused Docker containers as running when updating the configuration of the Docker Swarm stack Actions
25313 Feature In Progress Normal Add task to build the MaxScale Docker image Actions
25257 Feature New Normal Check latest release of Chef Infra and tooling to install it onto OpenSuse 15 servers Actions
25238 Bug New Normal When passing incorrect product version for the Docker Swarm the MDBCI generator falls with the exception Actions
25119 Feature New Normal Enable support for configuring http proxy server during the machine configuration Actions
24602 Feature New Normal Move performance test result parsing from MDBCI to performance test tool Actions
23928 Feature New Normal Do not proceed to the next step of performance testing if it fails Actions
23451 Bug New Low MDBCI unit tests can only be run on the integration server, but not on the developer machines Actions
  Evgeny Vlasov 9 Collapse all/Expand all
25613 Feature Resolved Normal Run create_full_repo_all during build_for_release task execution Actions
25453 Bug New Normal Performance results parse ends with error Actions
25403 Feature New Normal Send names of the fallen tests along with the emal notification Actions
25348 Feature Resolved Normal Update the omniauth gem for test visualizer when the CVE is fixed Actions
25256 Feature In Progress Normal Provide documentation on how to add typical build task to the BuildBot Actions
25236 Feature In Progress Normal Provide architectural solution to track dependencies between tasks in MaxScale BuildBot Actions
25222 Feature New Normal Use AWS EC2 SDK to manage Amazon machines instead of Vagrant-aws Actions
25213 Feature In Progress Normal Add support for installing Clustrix as the product for Centos 7 Actions
25083 Bug New Normal build_and_test task with build_experimental=no parameter fails on the run_test step Actions
  Ilya Paramonov 1 Collapse all/Expand all
25264 Feature New Normal Доработка интерфейса блока гальваносканер в Панели управления Actions
  Roman Vlasov 1 Collapse all/Expand all
23763 Bug In Progress Normal Fix the "An unhandled lowlevel error occurred. The application logs may have details." error in rails app Actions

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