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27358 Internal New Normal training in chennai Actions
27069 Bug New Normal Тестовая задача 409966 Actions
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30933 Bug New Normal Upgrade to Buildbot 3.7.0 Denis Malyutin Actions
30927 Bug Resolved Normal Crash if cmakeParams is not passed to script Andrey Vasilyev Actions
30915 QA Resolved Normal Check backup_all_tests branch Andrey Vasilyev Actions
30906 Bug In Progress Normal Test journals creating in incorrect directories Denis Malyutin Actions
30896 Bug In Progress Normal Build_maxscale_for_release crash when publishing results Denis Malyutin Actions
30878 Bug In Progress Normal Exception while executing 'test_results' step Denis Malyutin Actions
30873 Bug In Progress Normal Don't visible upgrade test major one step tests in build_packages_all dashboard Oleg Zavialov Actions
30792 Bug New Normal BuildBot does not automatically start build on tag addition to the MaxScale repository Denis Malyutin Actions
30786 Feature In Progress Normal Analyze how dashboard report can be placed into the Junit XML report Oleg Zavialov Actions
30652 Bug In Progress Normal The GitHub status push does not work due to internal errors Denis Malyutin Actions
30650 Feature Resolved Normal Upgrade to Buildbot 3.6.1 Andrey Vasilyev Actions
30379 Feature In Progress Normal Add visualization for backup-tests in build_packages_all dashboard Oleg Zavialov Actions
30303 Research In Progress Normal Check functionality of dashboards Oleg Zavialov Actions
29868 Feature In Progress Normal Implement nightly ES dashboard Actions
29675 Bug In Progress Normal BuildBot does not build the Docker image during the build all packages step Actions
29475 Bug In Progress Normal BuildBot is not able to create repository Actions
29430 Bug New Normal MDBE install test stops with the exception Actions
29424 Bug In Progress Normal Problems with github_status_push Actions
29413 Feature New Normal Put jemalloc into the MDBE repositories during their creation Actions
29321 Bug New Normal BuildBot looses results of MTR test runs and not able to pass them to the Test Viewer Actions
29318 Bug In Progress Normal Find out the reason for broken upgrade test Actions
29296 Feature New Normal Add script file generation at the end of upgrade_test_one_step Actions
29275 Feature In Progress Normal Create a dashboard for the build_packages_all task with tests only Actions
29041 Research In Progress Normal Search for builds that have fallen due to incorrect operation of BuildBot Oleg Zavialov Actions
28659 Feature Feedback Normal Add sending HTTP request from Community BuildBot Actions
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30949 Feature New Normal Store information about selected filters in the database Kseniia Belousova Actions
30923 Feature In Progress Normal Group test results based on the commit id (or similar topic) Kseniia Belousova Actions
30921 Feature In Progress Normal Show test results using pagination Kseniia Belousova Actions
29734 Feature New Normal Add SQL-injection security Actions
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30924 Bug New Normal Cannot install Docker product on RHEL 7 Grigoriy Kostryukov Actions
30904 Feature In Progress Normal Update and refactor documentation using mdbook Grigoriy Kostryukov Actions
30893 Feature In Progress Normal Use Registration Proxy server for SUSE subscription Grigoriy Kostryukov Actions
30081 Refactor In Progress Normal Remove extra check step in repository generators Grigoriy Kostryukov Actions
29790 Bug In Progress Normal AWS machines are not able to communicate with each other via private network Actions
29669 Bug New Normal MDBCI can not properly install and configure the Galera for MaxScale system test Daniil Kulakov Actions
29503 Bug New Normal MDBCI does not destroy VPC for a configuration if it was not able to bring up virtual machines Daniil Kulakov Actions
29496 Feature New Normal Test and check all machines that MDBCI can bring up Actions
29320 Bug New Low MDBCI may crush during VM provisioning if the ssh connection is broken Actions
28621 Feature New Normal Switch to latest Chef Infra release that supports Ruby 3.0 Actions
28571 Feature In Progress Normal Update MDBCI dependencies to actual versions Actions
26438 Feature New Normal Enable support for the shell expansion in cnf_template_path variable in MDBCI templates Actions
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30837 Bug In Progress Normal Visualizer does not process some requests Denis Malyutin Actions
29956 Feature New Normal Move messages from non_failed_test_results to messages table Actions
29414 Feature New Normal Show non failed targets in index page table Actions
29220 Feature New Normal Show the number of failed tests on the all results dialog Actions
29216 Feature New Normal Allow users to submit data about distribution via separate fields Actions
29210 Feature New Normal Group test results in main table by branch and commit id Actions
29167 Feature New Normal Allow to show test results for concrete MTR Actions
28876 Feature New Normal Allow users to browse history of a concrete Test Actions

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