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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Target version Due date
24735Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureIn ProgressMove package version information into a separate fileMaksim Kosterin
24715Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureIn ProgressFilter nodes in the Configuration class based on labelsMaksim Kosterin
24667Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewMake 'generate' command fail when configuration is not validMaksim Kosterin
24648Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureIn ProgressAllow user to specify the number of CPUs they require in VMsEvgeny Vlasov
24617Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureIn ProgressAllow to pass configuration files during the provision of the ColumnstoreAndrey Vasilyev
24603Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewConsolidate database access configuration in the ~/.config folder
24602Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureIn ProgressMove performance test result parsing from MDBCI to performance test toolAndrey Vasilyev
24601Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewPin maxscale, sysbench and mariadb processes to concrete CPUs during the performance testing
24593Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewExecute Python script step fails on a return statement outside of a function bodyMaksim Kosterin
24591Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewInclude information about the reason of failure to the mails sent to the users
24590Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewMove MaxScale CI repositories to the maxscale-ci host
24589Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewMove test result database server to maxscale-ci machine
24588Maria DB Continious Integration toolResearchNewInvestigate the Docker setup created by the Markus
24587Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewThe tests on snapshots recrate base virtual machine images too often
24585Maria DB Continious Integration toolResearchNewInvestigate whether it is possible to setup several configurations at the same time using MDBCI
24469Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewInspect twisted.cred.error.UnauthorizedLogin exception during Buildbot startupMaksim Kosterin
24415Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewLimit amout of simultaneous performance test executions to one per remote machineMaksim Kosterin
24370Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewResearch posibility of implementing rebuilding with editable propertiresMaksim Kosterin
24348Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureIn ProgressUpdate documentation on how to use and install the MaxScale BuildbotMaksim Kosterin
23928Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewDo not proceed to the next step of performance testing if it failsAndrey Vasilyev
23854Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewAllow to specify version of the sysbench during the run
23763Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugIn ProgressFix the "An unhandled lowlevel error occurred. The application logs may have details." error in rails appRoman Vlasov
23717Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewAdd chef recepies to install keepalived and kerberos for maxscale testing purposes
23685Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewMDBCI installs wrong version of the Galera
23684Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewCopy cnf configurations from the specified path to generated configuration
23602Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewAllow all cookbooks to be run using kitchen tool
23569Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewCheck for MDBCI machine names defined in the template to be valid Ruby object names
23568Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewProvide tool version during the execution to ease the debugging
23528Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewWhen tetst are run in random order some of them fail
23526Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewmdbci snapshot revert fails in case if stopped ntp
23517Maria DB Continious Integration toolInternalNewImplement reasonable system tests for the mdbci tool
23509Maria DB Continious Integration toolInternalNewCheck that mdbci can generate and use mdbci template to provide access to running applications
23451Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugIn ProgressMDBCI unit tests can only be run on the integration server, but not on the developer machinesAndrey Vasilyev
23398Maria DB Continious Integration toolFeatureNewFile system mdbci-lock stays after server restarting preventing tests from running
23394Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewAdd boxes versions to mdbci-boxes
23391Maria DB Continious Integration toolBugNewLibvirt machine can not be destroyed properly after host reboot
4647Smart Space Event RecorderBugIn ProgressEvent log is lost when connection with SIB is lost
4646Smart Space Event RecorderBugNewIntervals can be chomped if start and end events come wrong way around
4645Smart Space Event RecorderBugNewEvent recorder overrides event_log.yaml file event if another output file is specified
4642Smart Space Event RecorderFeatureIn ProgressAllow to use event time and duration in vizualization templates
4639Smart Space Event RecorderBugIn ProgressTimeline vizualization uses GTM timezone, which is wrong
4637Smart Space Event RecorderFeatureNewStop information collection on registration of end event
4612Smart Space Event RecorderBugNewUnable to generate two timeline reports into one folder
4421Smart Space Event RecorderFeatureIn ProgressCreate simple emulator of smart space application
3956Smart Space Event RecorderFeatureNewPrepare project description for
3924Smart Conference ClientsInternalNewPackage 0.1.4 version of client and publish it
3689HiveMindInternalNewSolve problem with publication to Ubuntu StoreYury Krupin
2441HiveMindBugNewUnable to open mind map passed as argument
2400OctotaskInternalIn ProgressRead pragmatic programmer bookYury Krupin
2346HiveMindBugNewIt is possible to load a map from the list of recently edited files in collaboration mode
2345HiveMindBugNewNodes are not updated after selecting a different color in settings
2333HiveMindBugNewExport to JPEG image does not work on Windows platform
2332HiveMindBugNewFiltration does not work correctly
2331HiveMindBugNewList of found nodes is not updated after delete operation
2054OctotaskBugNewPostponed tasks don't transform in active tasks at the expiration of the delay timeYury Krupin
2050OctotaskBugIn ProgressRegular sync should be started only if device is in useYury Krupin
1879OctotaskRefactorNewElaborate architectural solution for task and project listsYury Krupin
1840OctotaskFeatureIn ProgressImprove validation of data in ExternalSystemEditor classYury Krupin
1698OctotaskInternalNewCheck status of commentYury Krupin
1292HiveMindBugNewNode edge is partially missing when enabling move mode
1054HiveMindBugNewCollisions are possible in collaboration mode
1053HiveMindBugNewNode fold property are not synchronized after presentation mode are choosen
1049HiveMindFeatureNewAdd support for setup connection through proxy
918OctotaskInternalNewWrite coding conventionYury Krupin
767HiveMindFeatureNewClients must send pongs only to service to which they are connected
735HiveMindRefactorNewFind out setters and getters without properties and eliminate them
643HiveMindFeatureNewImprove keep-alive management
637HiveMindBugNewRoster client does not handle events of adding and removing contacts
528HiveMindBugNewNetwork does not reconnect after ConnectionLost error
524HiveMindFeatureNewAdd service discovery for contacts in roster
411HiveMindFeatureNewAdd support for picture display in the node
308HiveMindFeatureNewAdd mind map synchronization support into HivemindClient
254HiveMindInternalIn ProgressDocument workflow of mind map operations
5081Smart Space Event RecorderDesignNewPrepare project implementation scheduleEgor Krylov03 Jul 2013
5080Smart Space Event RecorderDesignNewPrepare description of the next version of the systemEgor Krylov03 Jul 2013

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