Smart Space Event Recorder: Event Recorder v0.1 has beed released

Added by Andrey Vasilyev over 4 years ago

We released the first version (0.1) of Event Recorder for Smart Space applications.

The released version provides the following features:
* arbitrary events capturing;
* event information description retrieval;
* filtration of trigger firings by type and check expression;
* bounding of SPARQL queries to trigger data.

Common information: Two projects won the UMNIK competition

Added by Ilya Paramonov over 4 years ago

The projects “Development of new generations services for smart home” by Andrey Vasilev and “Personalized training diary system based on NFC technology” by Ivan Timofeev and Yegor Kharkhorin won the UMNIK competition and received two-year FASIE grants for development of the projects. Our congratulations to the winners!


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