• Common information

    This “project” is actually only a Wiki containing common project-agnostic information

  • HiveMind

    HiveMind is a cross-platform collaborative mind map editor. It is intended to be used on "Maemo": / "MeeGo": mobile platforms and on PC as well.

  • Medical Diaries

    The blood pressure diary application for Android device capable of receiving measurements from AND monitor.

  • Octotask

    The project Octotask is intended to development of GTD-style task collector and manager having the following key features:

  • RoDaFlow

    RoDaFlow is a framework for development of dataflow network agents in "Smart-M3": with substitution mechanism.

  • Smart Spaces Projects

    Smart spaces is a modern paradigm for construction of smart applications for ubiquitous computing, i.e., when computers seamlessly integrate into human lives and applications become capable of providing appropriate services anywhere and anytime.

    • Smart Space Event Recorder

      The system captures arbitrary events, which take place in Smart Space, plain sensor readings, and visualizes this information on the time line. The system is able to capture several simultaneous event queues. The only one sensor type will be supported, but the system could be updated to support arbitrary number of information sources. There are two Smart Space applications, in which events will be tracked: Smart Conference System and Smart Slog.

    • Pecha Kucha for Smart Conference

      Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images are changed automatically during your talk. The main use case for this style of presentation called Pecha Kucha Night, which is often used to present creative projects or work. This project is aimed to enable support for this type of presentation format in Smart Conference System with no or a little effect to the other components.

    • Smart Conference Clients

      The goal of this project is to develop Smart Conference clients for Symbian and Android platforms. We plan to develop a client for Symbian in C++/Qt, and then to port it to Android with the use of Neccessitas project.

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