Installation of Necessitas SDK

This document describe how install and set up Necessitas SDK.


  • JDK 6 (Sun)

  • g++

  • Ant (It is possible to install it during necessitas installation)

Installation of Necessitas SDK

The following steps should make Necessitas works well:

  1. Download necessitas on-line installer from here

  2. Lunch installer

  3. Easiest way to install necessitas is to use default settings, but if you already have an element from

installation list on your system you can skip the installation of that element. In that case you should set up Necessitas Qt Creator

manually later (it will need appropriate paths to all necessary elements: Android SDK, Android NDK, Ant, ...).

Set up

  1. Add emulator

In tools -> Options -> Android using AVD manager add virtual device.

  1. Enable debugging on a real device.

To enable debugging on a real device use the Google's guide .