HiveMind is a cross-platform collaborative mind map editor. It is intended to be used on "Maemo": / "MeeGo": mobile platforms and on PC as well.

The goal of HiveMind project is to develop a distributed architecture with an ability to start collaboration at any moment without necessity of specially configured server or on-line service. The following features are already implemented:

You can take a glance at the latest HiveMind screenshots.

HiveMind is open source software and released under the terms of the "GNU General Public License v3 (GPL)":

HiveMind is supported by "Open Innovations Framework Program FRUCT": You can find more information about HiveMind as FRUCT project "here":

h1. Downloads

!!: "Install HiveMind package for Maemo 5":

!!: "Download the latest release for Windows":

!! Installation instructions for MeeGo

!! Installation from source for other GNU/Linux distributions

Issue tracking

open closed Total
Bug 11 346 357
Feature 6 180 186
Internal 2 140 142
Refactor 1 67 68
Research 0 20 20
QA 0 1 1

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Manager: Ilya Paramonov

Developer: Alexander Kulikov, Oleg Kandaurov

Latest news

HiveMind 0.4.9 released!
Added by Andrey Vasilyev over 7 years ago

HiveMind 0.4.8 released!
This release provides several new features and bugfixes
Added by Ilya Paramonov over 7 years ago

HiveMind 0.4.7 released!
This release provides significant performance improvements and several new features.
Added by Ilya Paramonov over 7 years ago

HiveMind 0.4.4 released!
This is primarily a bugfix release, which eliminates several bugs and introduces minor interface adjustments
Added by Ilya Paramonov over 7 years ago

HiveMind 0.4.3 released!
This release contains significant improvements of HiveMind user interface, teamwork capabilities, and lots of bugfixes.
Added by Ilya Paramonov over 7 years ago

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