SmartConference Integration

The main aim of HiveMind integration with the smart conference is to create a useful tool for context-aware logging of the conference events.

HiveMind KP

This KP is processing data found in the smart space of the conference and forming a mind map out of it. User can add his nodes to generated base structure. First release of the KP was demonstrated at the 9th FRUCT conference. The main targets for the next release are the following:

  1. Develop new mind map structure focused on significant context information. Non-important data should be moved to the lower hierarchy level or hidden under folded nodes.

  2. Try to find more information in the smart space, that can be displayed on the mind map.

Slide name extractor KP

Current ontology of the Smart Conference contains only names of the talk and no other data besides keywords that describes the talk. This data is insufficient for creating a meaningful mind map. The presentation on the other hand contains a lot of data that can be used. As the first step we propose to extract slide names from the presentation and put it into the smart space of the Smart Conference, allowing HiveMind KP and other KPs to use it. Next actions for development of the KP are listed below:

  1. Develop ontology for storing slide names of the current talk.

  2. Develop a standalone application for the slide name extraction out of the presentation file.