The project Octotask is intended to development of GTD-style task collector and manager having the following key features:

  • Location-aware contexts. In GTD a context is defined as a location and/or environment, required to get a task done (for instance, at home, at work, on the plane etc.). It is possible to have all the tasks in a mobile device and implement automatical context switching based, for example, on GPS/GSM information.
  • Task collection/synchronization. Nowadays there is a lot of task sources. In GTD all of them have to be put into the inbox and manually processed to get into the system. Meanwhile, lots of tasks originated from external systems (such as bug trackers, on-line calendars and GTD services, e-mail, etc.) can be transferred to the GTD-manager application and back automatically according to predefined scenarios.
  • Event-based task activation. For example, an incoming e-mail from the grocery store can activate 'Pay bill' task. This mechanism can also be used to create task flow when a task is activated on finish of another.

The project is in the active development phase now, but the first version for Symbian1 and Symbian3 is available from "Ovi Store":

Octotask is open source software and released under the terms of the "GNU General Public License v3 (GPL)":

Project respository is available at (Mercurial VCS)

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