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Project Field Information

GTD methodology information

Application Development

Development plan

Network subsystem refactoring

Refactoring done

Release for Ovi Store done

List of places where very long name doesn't fit into screen

Technical Information

Настройка статических анализаторов кода

Требования к организации и оформлению кода

Using Qt Creator for Symbian development and deployment on Windows OS

Using Qt Creator for Symbian development and deployment on Linux OS

How to enable feedback (vibration) on user actions

Особенности разработки под Symbian с использованием Qt

Kinetic scrolling on Symbian


Checking for active connection to Internet

Checking for screen deactivation

User Interface

Actual Information

How to avoid bug with invisible components taking place on Harmattan

Comboboxes in Octotask

Task editing process design

External system editor design

Project sorting description


Task status indication design


Deprecated Information

Preliminary interface sketches

Main window interface

Comparison table of UI guidelines


Octotask screenshots

Octotask screenshots for Ovi store

Octotask synchronization in work


Context removal and project removal policies

Database migration mechanism

Database schema

External Systems

Implementation concerns

Locks in synchronization thread

Time problem

System to synchronize

Synchronization moment selection algorithm

General Information

Synchronization with Redmine

Google tasks

Synchronization with email

Example of connection with tracks

network connection initialization protocol

Table of synchronizaton process

Context awareness

Context awareness specifications

Context awareness interface

Demonstration Events

Octotask demonstration plan for FRUCT conferences

Meeting Materials

Agenda 2011-01-08



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