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"PlantUML": is a really fascinating tool for generating UML diagrams from text descriptions developed by Arnaud Roques.

It uses simple and human readable text description which makes it extremely useful for fast diagram drawing during software design and development.

We use it for documenting architecture of our projects and other development artifacts. You can find examples [[hivemind:Application settings management|here]] and [[hivemind:Core classes and QtGraphicsScene interaction|here]]. Other examples can be found on "the official website":

Unfortunately this software is not accessible for Debian GNU/Linux official repositories, that is why I decided to create and maintain the corresponding package.

h1. Download

The latest version of PlantUML Debian package is available "here":

Older versions can be found in the "Files": section.

Source code is available from "the official website":

h1. Contact

Send your feedback about the Debian package to Ilya Paramonov by e-mail: