The system captures arbitrary events, which take place in Smart Space, plain sensor readings, and visualizes this information on the time line. The system is able to capture several simultaneous event queues. The only one sensor type will be supported, but the system could be updated to support arbitrary number of information sources. There are two Smart Space applications, in which events will be tracked: Smart Conference System and Smart Slog.

h2. Previous version of system

System visualizes the pulse of the presenter during his/her presentation.

The graph is divided into several sections, which represent different parts of the presentation, among them slide being shown, question being asked. Most of the information about the presenter and tracked events system takes from the Smart Conference System.

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Manager: Ilya Paramonov

Developer: Egor Krylov, Ksenia Lagutina

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Event Recorder v0.2 has been released
Added by Andrey Vasilyev over 5 years ago

Event Recorder v0.1 has beed released
Initial version of Smart Space Event Recorder has been released.
Added by Andrey Vasilyev over 5 years ago

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