Smart spaces is a modern paradigm for construction of smart applications for ubiquitous computing, i.e., when computers seamlessly integrate into human lives and applications become capable of providing appropriate services anywhere and anytime.

Currently all Smart Spaces activities of our laboratory are related to "Smart Conference System": It is a system, which aim is to intelligently assist the complicated conference process by automating the work of conference organizers and providing useful services to the conference participants.

Smart Conference System allows presenters to change their slides directly from a mobile device during the talk, to start video playback and so on. The system maintains up-to-date session schedule, which is usually differs from printed version, makes is available to all participants and provides access to presentations and available video materials.

h1. Current Smart Spaces Activities

h3. HiveMind KP

"HiveMind":/projects/hivemind is a collaborative mind map editor. One possible usage scenario for the application is mind mapping during the conference. We develop a special module for Smart Conference System (HiveMind), which provides a reasonable way to collect data from the smart space and to display it in the mind map. For more information visit HiveMind KP page.

h3. Smart Conference Clients for Symbian and Android

In order to participate in the Smart Conference every speaker or visitor should use client software. There are two clients available now: the client for Nokia N900 tablet and the web-based client. Although the latter type of client makes Smart Conference potentially accessible from arbitrary platform, it is obvious that having native clients for concrete platforms may provide additional effect for their users.

The goal of our project is to develop Smart Conference clients for Symbian and Android platforms. We plan to develop a client for Symbian in C++/Qt, and then to port it to Android with the use of Neccessitas project.

h3. Pecha Kucha KP

"Pecha Kucha": is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images are changed automatically during your talk. The main use case for this style of presentation called Pecha Kucha Night, which is often used to present creative projects or work. Some people share their passion and show their prized collections of Nana Mouskuri records, other share photos of their latest site visit to a construction site or their recent holiday snaps.

Pecha Kucha KP is aimed to enable support for this type of presentation format in Smart Conference System with no or a little effect to the other components.


Manager: Ilya Paramonov

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The modified version of Redland SIB v0.3.12, supporting the KP substitution mechanism has been released
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