Ilya Paramonov




30 Nov 2017

12:24 Maria DB Continious Integration tool Feature #23350 (Closed): MDBCI installation improvement

17 Nov 2017

13:02 Maria DB Continious Integration tool Internal #23369 (In Progress): Setup latest version of mdbci on ubuntu 16.04

30 Jul 2015

21:43 Pecha Kucha for Smart Conference Bug #3082 (Rejected): Prepare project page @ for project graduation

01 Sep 2013

14:04 HiveMind Feature #3084 (Closed): Prepare project page at for project graduation

25 May 2013

01:11 Common information Denis Laure won the open English language contest of essays
Our congratulations to Denis on winning! The contest was organized by Open Innovation Association FRUCT, Aalto Univer...

20 Mar 2013

22:57 Octotask Research #2455 (Rejected): Document policy for saving state in main window

14 Feb 2013

21:48 Common information Two projects won the UMNIK competition
The projects “Development of new generations services for smart home” by Andrey Vasilev and “Personalized training di...

19 Dec 2012

18:22 Common information Первая открытая лекция из цикла «Новые тренды ИКТ-индустрии»
25 декабря 2012 года в 9:30 в актовом зале главного корпуса ЯрГУ состоится открытая лекция адъюнкт-профессора универс...

17 Dec 2012

17:27 Smart Space Event Recorder Bug #3914 (Rejected): Event objects overlap each other when changing slides too fast
17:27 Smart Space Event Recorder Feature #3911 (Rejected): Display last known sensor reading in pulse visualization

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